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Researcher at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal.

Among various feature engineering steps, feature scaling is one of the most important tasks. In machine learning, it is necessary to bring all the features to a common scale. The scaling of features ensures that a feature with a relatively higher magnitude will not govern or control the trained model

In this article, we will discuss the performance metrics that we must use when we have to compare multiple machine learning models. Performance metrics are the backbone of every machine learning model. They will tell us how accurate we are training and evaluating our model.

In regression-based machine learning problems…

In this article, we will briefly discuss the SVR model. We will discuss three types of SVR namely, S-SVR (Scaling-SVR), Z-SVR (Z-score-SVR), and R-SVR (Range-SVR). Afterward, we will discuss its application in predicting the Average Localisation Error (ALE) in node localisation process in Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs).

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In this article, we will discuss a simple code to plot a Linear Regression (LR) curve. The code is written in MATLAB and can be downloaded from my MATLAB repository. You can write to me ( if you have any question or visit my web page for more updates.


In this article, we will discuss the detailed process of surface soil moisture (top 5 cm) estimation using satellite images. This article is divided into five sections. First, we will see the satellite images used then we will see the study area. Afterward, we will go through the models. Then…

In this article, we will first discuss the basics of PCA and how we can use PCA in MATLAB. After that, we will try to answer a fundamental question in PCA. You can download the MATLAB code from my MATLAB repository.

Question. What is PCA?

PCA is a mathematical procedure…

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